Project Development

onsite validation

We manage the entire carbon project cycle vis-à-vis the regulatory authorities - on the desk and on the ground.

We offer a one-stop-shop solution for the development of the carbon-crediting component of decentralized, pro-poor emission reduction projects. In other words we take care of the entire carbon project development and registration cycle under any of the prevalent certification standards in the compliance and voluntary carbon markets, e.g. CDM, Gold Standard, VCS, Fair Climate Standard and CCB. Depending on the needs of the particular project, we will take care of:

Carbon project design and feasibility

  • Analysis of the physical project and delineation of its components with regard to carbon project definitions (baseline, additionality, project boundary, monitoring, etc.)
  • Market analysis and determination of appropriate crediting standard
  • Comparison and selection of appropriate emission reduction accounting methodology
  • Preliminary quantification of emission reductions/sequestration
  • Assessment of organisational issues and risks of the carbon project
  • Cost/benefit analysis of the carbon project
  • Determination of the economic and organizational viability of the carbon project

Elaboration of Project Design Document(s) (PDD)

  • Assessment of project information (business plan, socio-economic and environmental analysis’) and secondary information (sectoral and national data)
  • Determination and calculation of baseline
  • Development of additionality approach
  • Emission reduction calculations (preparation of spreadsheets)
  • Development of monitoring approach and plan
  • Guidance in the preparation, organization and reporting of the stakeholder consultation

Management of the national approval process (Letter of Approval) by the Designated National Authority (DNA) (for CDM projects)

  • Clarification of national requirements for host country approval with the DNA
  • Preparation of pertinent documents
  • Processing of issues and guidance of the project owner

Management of Validation of the project by an independent auditor

  • Selection of a qualified and reliable auditing firm (DOE)
  • Management of the onsite audit
  • Responding to issues raised by the auditor (multiple rounds)
  • Revision and quality control of the auditor’s validation report

Management of the registration of the project with the competent authority of the chosen certification standard

  • Preparation and submission of project documents
  • Management of a potential review