Fairtrade Climate Standard

Bridge Builders offers services as a Project Facilitator for Fairtrade Producer Organizations, Traders, End Buyers and local Project Facilitators in line with the Fairtrade Climate Standard (FCS):

  • We support Producer Organizations to develop FCS projects and build and strengthen their capacities. Training, capacity building and skills transfer is at the core of all support activities.
  • We also act as the link between End Buyers or Traders and the Fairtrade Climate Standard Projects or Producer Organizations

Our Services

onsite biomass measurements with farmers

We support producer organizations to develop FCS projects, and build and strengthen their capacities.

Producer Organizations

  • Training of the Fairtrade officers in all standard related matters:
    • Methodology and eligibility assessment
    • Drafting of the climate change adaptation plan
    • FCS audit requirements
    • FCS project carbon component certification process (see details below)
    • Identification and evaluating of producer training needs
  • Feasibility and eligibility assessment of project ideas against FCS and Gold Standard requirements
  • Monitoring and verification requirements
  • Supporting contracting between POs and in-country Project Facilitators especially when the PO is not the certificate holder
  • Delivering information sessions on climate change and its effects on the project region
  • Drafting of the Climate Change Adaptation Plan and support in implementing the activities
  • Facilitating Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) negotiations with Traders

Project Facilitators in the project countries

While we are also a project facilitator according to the FCS rules, there are project facilitators (PFs) who share the project implementation role with the POs. Our support for in-country PFs include:

  • Setting up structures which enables the in-country PFs to perform certain activities on behalf of the POs such as:
    • Be the certificate holder and legally registered entity for the PO
    • Be the bank account holder
  • Providing training on development of carbon projects at a small-scale level, carbon finance and carbon monitoring
  • Supporting the contracting process between the POs and the PF (obligation 2.2.11 of the FCS)


  • Supporting the acquisition of all permissions from the certification body in order to be able to trade Fairtrade Carbon Credits.
  • Supporting the contracting process between the trader and national Fairtrade organizations (NFOs)
  • Facilitating Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) negotiations with POs
  • Establishing a market price for a specific FCS project
  • Establishing the average cost of producing carbon credits under the FCS and Gold Standard in accordance with the Fairtade pricing methodology

End Buyers

  • Support Buyers in setting up a carbon reduction plan
  • Bring End Buyers in contact with suitable projects or producer organizations in order to develop new and exclusive projects
  • Facilitate the contracting between Buyer and national Fairtrade Organizations

Our Experience

We have been closely involved in the development of the Fairtrade Climate Standard from the very beginning. Bridge Builders consultants have provided professional support at various stages of this process to the Fairtrade Labeling Organization (FLO), regional Fairtrade organizations and Fairtrade producer organizations, including:

  • In-house training for FLO on carbon markets and projects
  • Consultancy on the economic benefits and trade requirements of the FCS and their respective implementation and verification/certification within FCS projects
  • Elaboration of the cornerstones of the FCS, including core principles, outline of the standard and key elements, and central implementation modalities
  • Technical support to FLO’s Strategy and Policy Unit (SPU) and Standards Unit (SU) in the development of the draft FCS
  • Training for Fairtrade Africa staff on carbon markets projects and the FCS
  • Development of the FCS producer support guide for FLO regional managers
  • Support for various Fairtrade producer organizations to evaluate their projects’ prospects for accessing carbon markets

With regard to the hands-on development of FCS projects, Bridge Builders consultant Xaver Kitzinger conceived and managed one of the first projects under the FCS standard worldwide – a clean cookstove project in Lesotho.