Complementary Services

onsite verification

Registering a carbon project is one - getting and monetizing the certificates year by year is another.

Complementing the basic carbon project development and registration service we offer additional services that cover the remaining activities in the carbon valuation cycle. These services include:

Management of the periodic monitoring, verification and issuance of emission reduction certificates

  • Preparation of the monitoring report
  • Selection of a qualified and reliable independent auditor for verification
  • Management of the onsite audit
  • Responding to issues raised by the auditor
  • Performing quality control of the verification report
  • Management of the issuance process with the competent authority of the chosen certification standard

Facilitation of sales of carbon credits

  • Preparation of sales materials
  • Development of a sales strategy
  • Identification of suitable buyers
  • Commercial and legal assistance in the negotiation of a Term Sheet
  • Commercial and legal assistance in the negotiation of an Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA)
  • Assistance with carbon credit delivery and ERPA management

Facilitation of co-financing opportunities for carbon project development

  • Identification of international or national grant or loan programs for the development of the carbon project component of the specific type and location of the project
  • Preparation of application forms and data
  • Commercial and legal assistance in the negotiation of financial support agreements

Operationalization of the carbon project

  • Development of a carbon project management plan and manual
  • Assistance in setting-up monitoring and reporting infrastructure (i.e. databases, procedures)