Capacity Building & Training

Although many of the activities under the carbon-crediting component of a project can be outsourced (see Carbon Project Development & Carbon Project Services) a number of undertakings remain with the implementer of the project. Often monitoring, credit delivery, accounting, revenue distribution and management of relations with the participating households or sub-projects and credit buyers overstrain the capacities of a project’s implementing organization.

To overcome these organizational challenges Bridge Builders offers:

Customized capacity buildings and trainings for project implementers

  • Intensive capacity building during the initial stage of the project activity
  • Continuous on-the-job training and support

Another area of capacity building relates to the project identification stage. For organizations that see a potential to get involved in carbon crediting we offer assistance in the screening for project opportunities within their field of work:

Project screening workshops

  • General introduction to carbon markets, carbon crediting and relevant project types
  • Joint asssessment of project opportunities
  • Joint preparation of Project Idea Notes (PINs)