Bridge Builders provides consultancy services along the entire carbon value chain of decentralized and pro-poor emission reduction projects. From project design over registration, facilitation of sales, operationalization and monitoring to capacity building and on-the-job training – we make your carbon project work, sustainably and smoothly!

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We build the bridge from the base of your project to the international carbon markets.

Project Development

We offer a one-stop-shop solution for the development of the carbon-crediting component of decentralized, pro-poor emission reduction projects. In other words we take care of the entire carbon project development and registration cycle under any of the prevalent certification standards in the compliance and voluntary carbon markets, e.g. CDM, Gold Standard, VCS, Fair Climate Standard and CCB – all tailored to the needs of the particular project. read more

Complementary Services

Complementing the basic carbon project development and registration service we offer additional services that cover the remaining activities in the carbon valuation cycle – from monitoring and verification of emission reduction certificates to facilitating sales of carbon credits and finding co-financing opportunities for future more

Capacity Building & Training

Although many of the activities under the carbon-crediting component of a project can be outsourced a number of undertakings remain with the implementer of the project. Often monitoring, credit delivery, accounting, revenue distribution and management of relations with the participating households or sub-projects and credit buyers overstrain the capacities of a project’s implementing organization. We offer customized capacity buildings and trainings to overcome these hurdles. read more

Fairtrade Climate Standard – Project Facilitator Services

The new Fairtrade Climate Standard (FCS) offers great opportunities for producer organizations in the South to leverage climate friendly technologies within their production chain and amongst their members. Bridge Builders has been closely involved in the development and operationalization of the FCS. We are therefore in a unique position to offer a broad range of support services to Producer Organizations, local Project Facilitators, Traders and End Buyers of Fairtrade Carbon Credits. read more