About us

Bridge Builders is a unique venture – combining high quality carbon market consultancy with the passion of a social company. We are experienced consultants in the carbon markets, specialized in pro-poor and decentralized emission reduction and sequestration projects.


We make carbon markets work for the poor. Helping the poor to monetize their emission reductions directly helps to alleviate poverty in first place. Secondly, decentralized and pro-poor carbon projects assist developing countries in the transition to low carbon economies built on equal access to energy services and income opportunities.

Ole Meier-Hahn

OleOle is a carbon consultant focusing on innovative, decentralized, community based and pro-poor emission reduction projects. Ole is a Business Mathematician with 15 years of experience in the Kyoto markets. He has worked on all sorts of activities along the value chain of carbon projects, including initiation, contracting, design, development, validation, registration and verification of projects as well as sales of carbon credits on all scales. Since the inception of the programme of activities scheme (PoA) in 2007 Ole specialized in the development of decentralized projects at the base of the pyramid. His references include the development of the fifth registered CDM PoA and a large number of pro-poor carbon projects and programs. Prior to his jobs in the carbon market Ole worked as a project and case manager for a local NGO in the sub-urban slums of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Get in touch: ole@bridge-builders.de

Xaver Kitzinger

Xaver is an economic geographer and has 10 years of experience in the field of carbon markets and international climate change mitigation measures. He is an experienced project manager for diverse portfolio of pro-poor projects in developing countries, especially Africa. Formerly he was the head of the project implementation unit at atmosfair gGmbH, a German high profile non-profit carbon offset organisation. At atmosfair he successfully sourced, developed and commercialised efficient cook stove and renewable energy projects. Prior to working for atmosfair he was a senior project manager and head of the Africa project implementation team at EcoSecurities. He is also a registered external expert of the UNFCCC-Secretariat responsible for the assessment of CDM registration, issuance and review cases. He was part of the group of experts for the development of the Fairtrade Climate Standard and supported Fairtrade Africa in the development of the Fairtrade Carbon Credit producer support guide.

Get in touch: xaver@bridge-builders.de

Dr. Robert Müller

Robert is a Biologist and holds a PhD in Geography. He has a broad range of interests and experiences, including climate friendly rural development, mitigation of tropical deforestation and socioeconomic impact evaluation. Since 2006, he has been sourcing, contracting, developing and supervising carbon projects, among others for atmosfair gGmbH. His work comprised CDM Gold Standard registration and issuance of projects and PoAs on household energy, waste management and sustainable use of biomass in Afrika, Asia and Latin America. From 2001 to 2005, he lived in Bolivia, working in the fields of nature conservation and sustainable rural development. From there, he expanded his expertise to land use change and REDD+. Among others, he coordinated the preparation of the Bolivian country profile on REDD+ for CIFOR from 2012-2014. A detailed list of experiences and scientific publications is available here: www.uni-goettingen.de/de/dr-robert-m%C3%BCller/87157.html.

Get in touch: robert@bridge-builders.de

Bridge Builders Alumni

Volker Jaensch

VolkerVolker holds degrees in environmental engineering and Master of Business Administration (MBA). He has more than 22 years professional experience in renewable energy, energy efficiency and international greenhouse gas emission reduction projects. From 2006 to 2010 Volker was responsible for acquisition and implementation of CDM and JI projects in India and Eastern Europe at One Carbon International B.V.. Since July 2010, complementing his role as a Bridge Builders partner, Volker has been a part time lecturer and project director at Renewables Academy AG (www.renac.de). One of Volker’s major references in the Carbon Market is the successful development and implementation of a Gold Standard Rural Lighting Project in India. The project replaces kerosene- with photovoltaic-lamps in rural low income households. After 7 successful years with Bridge Builders Volker retired from his management position in 2016 and now focuses on his work as head of division at renac.

Martha Djourdjin

Martha is a consultant for carbon emission reduction projects. She is a social scientist with nine years of experience in research and consultancy for energy- and climate–related projects. During the last five years at the Latin America department of OneCarbon International and Orbeo and at Bridge Builders, she gained expertise in the assessment and development of a variety of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects – including hydropower, biofuels, bagasse-based electricity generation, fugitive emissions from fossil fuel production, and biogas from manure management systems.